My New Year’s resolutions are always many but this year’s are bigger and more exciting than last. I am thankful that my goals broaden but my waistline stays relatively the same!

My daughter and I put on approximately seven pounds between the two of us. Ughhh…too many ‘goody gifts’ tempted us this year so she and I gave ourselves permission to enjoy some of them IF afterwards we ‘got back to reality’ quickly. We are both back in ‘reality’ now…I believe we are each down a pound from there so five to go! No problem, we will do it. It is sometimes easier if you can share your weight loss goals with someone who will help to keep you motivated.

One resolution down, I am on to the next: to do more blogging and get my cookbook to you as soon as possible! We are hoping to have the e-book edition finished soon so that we can quickly help our followers that have one of the most popular of the New Year’s resolutions: loosing weight.

I am always excited about connecting with you that have made the decision to ‘cut the fat’, I know that your reasons are as many and varied as there are numbers of you. I truly enjoy being able to share ideas and recipes that will help you attain your personal goals. My life is better because of it and I know that my daughter and son’s life will be better from my example of living the fat-free lifestyle.

Hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season and that your new year is amazing!!

Remember: Cook fat free, eat fat free, live fat free, be fat free!

Epicuriously yours,