Okay, it is Friday and I feel I should come up with some wonderful foodie creation – the day is young perhaps I will, but in the mean time, here are some thoughts that I want to share with you – four things you can do to get a healthier mind and body with links to some other inspiring articles…

1. Find Your Formula

On my typical workday, I usually do research on ‘fat-free’ early in the mornings and then try to incorporate that knowledge into something beneficial, either into my life, something to share with you, or whatever inspiration happens. Yesterday an article really rang a note with me. The article, What If the Truth About Weight Loss Has Nothing to do With Diets and Exercises?,  you can check it out here: http://www.gabrielcode.com/online/what-are-your-fat-triggers-1  .  It was an interesting read, and contained some good information and got me thinking about my beliefs. In my opinion, it only touched on one piece of the puzzle.  We all need to practice some form of exercise and diet, and perhaps incorporate Gabriel’s suggestions, for true lifetime success, but the formula is different for everyone. You need to find the things, note I say ‘things’ not just thing, that works for you.

2. Find the Puzzle Pieces to Your Formula

There are as many reasons to eat a certain diet as there are diets. I live a lifestyle not a diet. I like to think of ‘Fat-Free’ as a puzzle. For example, to me it means using less fat in my cooking, getting rid of fat from  my body, and getting unnecessary excesses, unfood things,  out of my life. Being in a state of peak mental condition gets rid of the fat too. For me living ‘Fat-Free’  is an ideal with many puzzle pieces. That said, it is precisely the pieces of that puzzle that guarantee one’s own personal success with health, wellness, and weight;  and again, the same ‘pieces’ do not fit everyone’s puzzle. You need to find your  own pieces!

3. Plan Your Attack

I like to exercise, be happy, have fun, be productive, write, create, and eat healthy. Some days I am better at those things than others, but my goal is to constantly improve at all of those things.  I try to forgive myself if I make mistakes.  Keeping a positive outlook on life keeps your hormones in balance at any age, so if you need help with that, check out this post by Laura Prevost, 10 Ways to Love Yourself :  http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4957/10-Ways-to-Love-YourSELF.html  .

How do I love myself? Well, I try to give myself what I need to be a productive person and stay healthy. So, exercise, good diet, vitamins, time with family, helping others, making a living to survive. Oh and last but not least, having  fun! In essence your plan of attack includes the things you pick that are important to you and that you will need to accomplish your goals.

4. Work Your Puzzle

If  the pieces do not all fit at first, don’t be afraid to incorporate new ones; new ways of eating, and new experiences into your life. Comb the web for ideas. Visit a nutritionist or a Holistic doctor who can evaluate your body condition and help create a plan for taking care of your beautiful body.  Anything that might be of value to your person should be explored.

I can recall my first exploration into yoga and meditation. It was very different from lifting weights or my cardio workout. I have never stopped lifting weights or doing cardio just because I started yoga and meditation, but instead incorporated them into my already functioning exercise routine to create a better total workout for my needs. Yoga is an awesome mind/body experience.  Here is a really sweet post by Rich Roll, entitled, Why Every Athlete Should do Yoga:  http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4806/Why-Every-Athlete-Should-Do-Yoga.html . Yoga, it’s not just for athletes…

So there you have it, a Fat-Free Friday rant about living life Fat-Free. Now go out and find your puzzle pieces, and get healthy!

Enjoy your weekend! Please come visit me at any of my web haunts for more ideas, inspirations, and fantastic recipes!

Epicuriously yours,


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