Fat-Free Cranberry Feta Caviar served with cucumber slices and pretzel chips

Fat-Free Cranberry Feta Caviar

Valentine’s Day is another reason to stay healthy for your loved ones – they need you!

Another holiday that centers around calories, but then what holiday doesn’t? Go for the right kind of calories and start out your special feast with a tasty, fat-free appetizer that is so very easy to make, it will be ready to serve in minutes! This heart-healthy nosh is perfect for a Valentine’s Day picnic anywhere: floor, snow cave, or bedroom! (wink-wink!)
Cranberries can be served year-round, and they are the perfect color for this holiday! If no one is available with whom you can celebrate this year, please treat yourself right, be your own Valentine and make this just for you! The health benefits of Cranberries are substantial, so go for it!

Serve this easy starter on low-fat pretzel crisps; pictured are the Snack Factory’s, Honey Mustard & Onion flavored pretzel crisps. Crisp cucumber slices are perfect too, so refreshing and light! Pick you favorite cracker, or perhaps some melba toast. Have fun, use your imagination, and comment below to let us know what accompanied your caviar!

Fat-Free Cranberry Feta Caviar

Perfect for a picnic in the forest or an afternoon tea, Fat-Free Cranberry Feta Caviar is a quick prep for unexpected guests!

FFG’s Cranberry Feta Caviar

  • Fresh or canned whole berry cranberry sauce (not jellied)
  • Fat-free feta cheese crumbles
  • Freshly ground black pepper (not pre-ground)
  • One of the following of your choice, chopped fresh or dried: Thyme, Oregano, or Cilantro

Layer in the order listed above, as shown in photos, in amounts according to your liking, onto a serving dish or onto individual crackers, pretzels, or sliced cucumbers. Now enjoy!

Cranberry Feta Appetizer wlogo1

The Fat Free Gourmet’s Cranberry Feta Caviar

That’s all there is to it! My favorite choice for herb is dried thyme, and I like lots of ground pepper…so yum!

Remember to celebrate love and life to the fullest, and be kind to your heart with healthy food and lifestyle!

Epicuriously yours,
Melinda ❤