Melinda was born into the restaurant business. At the age of five, she was peeling potatoes, by six, chopping parsley with a chef’s knife, and at seven, waiting tables in her father’s cafe. A life gifted with food for thought and food for the table, she began creating recipes when she was just a young girl. Raised in Silicon Valley, she was exposed to the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest restaurants. Traveling through Europe with her parents, she was immersed in international cooking wisdom via the Italian and French countryside’s. Her Northern Italian family and friends have been entrepreneurs in the culinary arts for many generations.

Interning at several of the Bay Area’s select preeminent upscale dining establishments, she learned and perfected her craft. Acclaimed for her imaginative cooking creations, she ventured into and unknown territory and emerged with some of the finest low-fat and fat-free contemporary food creations that afford the health conscious Epicurean, delights with less guilt. Follow her and she will ferry you into the delightful experience of culinary perfection in reduced fat dining.