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Hey healthy foodies! I am the daughter of a Northern Italian Chef/Restaurantuer. I have been creating recipes since the age of 12. I love to eat delicious food, but don't like extra pound and unhealthy food, thus I have created recipes that will satisfy my gourmet palate, keep my cholesterol low, and help control my weight. I am here to share them with you. Fat-free and low-fat gets a bad rap these days and doesn't have to because it does have a place. Healthy fats are necessary, eating a diet of bad fats is not. Most people consume more than enough fat to keep the body running properly - note I said more than enough. Using my techniques and recipes you can enjoy a healthy satisfiying lifestyle, eat like a gourmet and have fun cooking, and consume less unhealthy fat! You just won't believe it's fat-free!!

FFG’s Oatmeal Carrot Cake Bars

Oh so moist because of a few non-traditional ingredients, dive into this recipe and enjoy every luscious bite. Predominately sweetened …